Odoo (SaaS)

We offer our clients the Odoo system and all its elements transparently, which will optimally run in our platform without worrying about buying hardware, maintenance, hosting, backups and every other element regarding a system deployment

In little time you will have Odoo tailored to your needs. Deployed in the cloud and available anywhere in the world

Odoo Software as a Service advantages (SaaS)

Sign in from any device from anywhere in the world

Automated Deployment

Continuous Integration and Continuous Distribution

Automated Backups and restorations

High Availability Scheme

Cluster with several nodes worldwide

Reverse Proxy

Better response times, especially for slow or unstable connections.

Odoo SaaS
Availability of various environments

Development, Quality and Production

Possibility of automated replication into a local server

Automatic Security Updates

It does not require investment in Hardware, Hosting, or additional Licenses

Our Services

Customization / Tropicalization

We customize Odoo according to each company requirements, complying with the national legislation of each country where the service is implemented (language, official currency and laws).

Migration and Data Transformation

Your current data can be exported from other administrative systems, spreadsheets or other ERP, to be adapted to Odoo through an ETL process (Extract, Transform and Load). This process can also be done in backwards.

App and module Development

We develop modules with additional functionalities to those already offered by ODOO, boosting existing applications or adding new features to the system to facilitate adaptation to the processes inherent in the company.

support PRE and POST deployment

We provide support and advice once the system is put into production, to facilitate the adaptation of the client to our software.

Integration with other systems

By using APIs via XMLRPC, we offer a easy integration of Odoo with other administrative systems, allowing to manage the information stored in Odoo from other platforms or vice versa.

Design and Report Creation

For each installed or developed module we offer reports with detailed information according to the needs of the client, among the offered reports are: statistical reports, inventories, customer invoices, accounting, etc.

Integration with Hardware and External Devices

Installation compatible with POS hardware: touch screen, cash box, and other associated devices.

Integration with physical payment systems

Thermal printers for receipts, passes, tickets, among others

Tax printers

Carnetization printers

Assistance systems and access control (biometrics and others).

Barcode/QR readers

Electronic scales

Integration with Manufacturing processes through Data Acquisition in Automation and Industrial Control Systems (SCADA, PLC, among others)

Con bases tecnológicas potentes, la estructura de Odoo es única. Ofrece usabilidad de la más alta calidad en todas las aplicaciones.